Welcome to my SmugMug site, I hope that you enjoy the photo's. I will be adding more Galleries in the coming weeks.
My main passion is Black & White photography and a Gallery will be dedicated to this.

A selection of my images

  • In the Distance

    The old tracks used to get the fish from the boats to the raod at Dungeness

  • Dungeness

    A old fishing boat and hut on the beach at Dungeness

  • Dahlia and friend

    Another type of dahlia grown by me this year

  • Hibiscus

    This plant was grown from seed and this year it has really bloomed well

  • Pink Rose

    Growing in the front garden.

  • Dahlia 3

    Another version of the dahlia grown by myself this year

  • Dahlia 2

    Again the dahlia's grown by me this year

  • Dahlia

    One of the Dahlia's that I grew this year

  • Grass, Shingle, Sea Kale

    Grass and sea kale on the beach at Dungeness

  • Grass on the Shingle

    Grass growing on the shingle beach at Dungeness

  • Grass

    Grass growing on the shingle at Dungeness

  • Along the Tracks

    Taken at Dungeness, it show the damage to one of the old fishing boats caused by storm Katie.

  • The Cresent Beach

    The beach at Dungeness showing the high tide levels.

  • Two

    Dungeness two of the fishing boats on the beach

  • Waves

    The incomeing tide at Dungeness

  • Bamboo

    After the rain water droplets were on the leaves

  • Storm comeing

    A old fishing boat at Dungeness

  • Tangled Nets

    Old fishing nets tangled on the hand rails on of the old fishing boats at Dungeness

  • The Chain

    The old anchor chain on one of the old boats at Dungeness

  • The Nets

    Old fishing nest over the side of one of the fishing boats at Dungeness.